About Portland Ashwagandha Farm

Portland Ashwagandha Farm exists to nourish, restore, and fortify our  community members in both body and spirit. We do this by cultivating and processing Ashwagandha along with other nourishing and purifying herbs, sharing them and providing guidance on their optimal use. Our tinctures are made with fresh herbs from our farm with the intention to support those striving every day to lead life with dedication and purpose. Serving those who see a path forward in healing each other and our planet - this is why the medicine from our farm is created, to ground and strengthen, as well as support appropriate responses to the stresses of our times. 

These herbs are humbly offered so we all may continue our necessary work and each of us share our contributions with this world.

Our Story

Portland Ashwagandha Farm began in 2012 as Rising Stone Farm, a small farming operation in which organic fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs (including some Ashwagandha) were grown to be provided to the Southeast Portland community. The Ashwagandha grown deeply touched many people's lives - our community members reported emotional, physical, and spiritual healing in ways that were not anticipated. A new idea was born.

By 2015, the power of the vision was realized and Portland Ashwagandha Farm was created to focus on the energy of this astounding plant and share it beyond our community for the first time. 

Since, Portland Ashwagandha Farm has grown into a network of local family farms and happy team members utilizing biodynamically-inspired, regenerative agricultural practices and making alchemically-inspired Fresh Spagyric Tinctures. In Portland, local customers and retailers still receive their Portland Ashwagandha Farm products by local bicycle delivery to this very day!

A Message from the Founder

“We live in a time of a great paradigm shift. There is no better plant to help adapt oneself to these changes than Ashwagandha. May we find peace and grounding in it, along with the strength to persevere.”
-Jeff Johnson, Founder & CEO


 Our Farm Family

Our community isn’t just composed of the people who make it great, but also the earth which sustains us all. Portland Ashwagandha Farm pays respect to both by its commitment to utilizing biodynamically-inspired, regenerative agricultural practices in harmony with nature, the lunar cycles, and the seasons to deliver the highest-quality Ashwagandha available. Over the years, Ashwagandha has led to the development of countless relationships around the world and we are lucky to have a true family of folks of all stripes, all bound by love for Ashwagandha and the community care it provides.  

Our Herbs

Portland Ashwagandha Farm’s focus is on plants which nourish the human spirit, uplift those who suffer, and heal our communities. The connection between humans and our plant friends is central to life. Ashwagandha’s motto of “recover, sustain, thrive” makes it the flagship example of this goal, but other plants can be found on our farm that also promote excellence in strength, focus, and endurance. Herbs like Tulsi, Blue Vervain, Bacopa, and Yarrow rise to the occasion on the farm in their different ways to meet the real-time, multi-faceted needs of our communities. 

Our Process

Portland Ashwagandha Farm's Spagyric tinctures harmonize ancient alchemical traditions with modern science. The word “spagyric” comes from the Greek words spao (meaning “to draw out”) and agerio (meaning “to recombine”). Portland Ashwagandha Farm's Spagyric process does exactly that - drawing out the best components of the plant and recombining them into the final tincture.

Fresh herbs from the farm are macerated in organic cane alcohol and filtered water in glass containers for about one year and stored in a cool, dark place. After this slow maceration process, the herbs are pressed to release fresh root juices contained within. The remaining herb material is then dried and burned until there is nothing left except for fine, white ash. The herb's naturally-occurring trace minerals are separated from the carbon and then recombined with the tincture. This creates an incredibly potent, truly full-spectrum tincture in which no part of the plant is wasted, with all the herb's beneficial constituents intact and working together in synergy.