Our Story

Jeff Johnson (farmer and founder of Portland Ashwagandha Farm) began studying chemistry and Ayurvedic medicine in his youth and was destined to become an herbalist and farmer of plant medicine.

He started Rising Stone Farm in 2012; a biodynamic medicinal herb company which grew, processed and sold tinctures and raw medicinal pants at Portland's farmer's markets and co-ops. Over time, Jeff noticed that the need for Ashwagandha was increasing as many he encountered expressed feeling run down and nervously exhausted. This new insight propelled Jeff to focus primarily on perfecting the cultivation and processing of the Ashwagandha plant with the belief that it is the best medicine for all the modern ailments we face. 

In 2015, Portland Ashwagandha Farm launched providing the first biodynamically grown, freshly harvested, and spagyrically processed Ashwagandha tincture product on the market.

It is our mission to help you feel calm, focused, strong, clear and sharp by growing and processing the highest quality of Ashwagandha available.  Relax into strength.