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We look forward to cooperation in community care.

Portland Ashwagandha Farm has been farming Ashwagandha outside of Portland, Oregon since 2015. We are driven by a passion for regenerative, soil-focused farming practices - this is the very foundation of our product offerings. The herbs we grow are inspired by our mission to serve by helping people optimize their stress response and build inner strength and calm. Our unique farming and extraction processes fuse ancient traditions with modern science to optimize the synergy between humans, plants, and the earth.

We offer substantial discounts for stores and practitioners reselling our products all across the United States. It is our pleasure and purpose to meet the needs of your natural foods store, wellness shop, gym, healthcare practice, or whole health department and keep your customers coming back for the transformative power of Ashwagandha.


If you are interested in offering Portland Ashwagandha Farm products to your community, please complete our Wholesale Application here.


Portland Ashwagandha Farm is honored to provide you:

  • Comprehensive staff training and product demonstrations upon request.
  • Dedicated customer/staff product support line.
  • Free informative literature and signage about our products and process upon request.
  • Free shipping on order above $250 within the United States.


Once your Wholesale Application is approved and you are logged in to your wholesale account, you’ll be able to use our Quick Order Form to place orders. In your initial order, consider including our best-selling flagship spagyric tinctures, Ashwagandha and Hero’s Blend. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further recommendations on product selection.

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A message from the founder:

“We live in a time of a great paradigm shift. There is no better plant to help adapt oneself to these changes than Ashwagandha. May we find peace and grounding in it, along with the strength to persevere.”
     -Jeff Johnson, Founder & CEO