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Our Mission

Portland Ashwagandha Farm exists to nourish, restore, and fortify our community members in both body and spirit. We do this by cultivating and processing Ashwagandha along with other nourishing and purifying herbs, sharing them and providing guidance on their optimal use. Our tinctures are made with fresh herbs from our farm with the intention to support those striving every day to lead life with dedication and purpose. Serving those who see a path forward in healing each other and our planet - this is why the medicine from our farm is created, to ground and strengthen, as well as support appropriate responses to the stresses of our times. These herbs are humbly offered so we all may continue our necessary work and each of us share our contributions with this world.

Ashwagandha is the favorite plant of the Ayurvedic tradition. It is a grounding and centering herb that makes us feel confident, calm, and focused. We focus on this plant because these are the energies we wish to see in the world.

Benefits of the Ashwagandha Root:

Stress Support

Restorative Sleep

Hormonal Balance

Grounded Endurance

Workout Recovery

Supports Libido & Sexual Function

From our farm to you! Grounded energy in a bottle!

Relax into Strength

We all need to recover from life and integrate change so we can thrive. Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogenic herb, working to balance and optimize our physiological response to stress and anxiety. Ashwagandha possesses many unique characteristics that make it an ideal herb for these times, supporting:

  • Stress and Anxiety Support
  • Restorative Sleep
  • Hormone Response and Balance
  • Grounded Endurance
  • Workout Recovery
  • Libido and Sexual Function

Suggested use:
1/4 dropper as needed for grounded focus and calm
1/2 dropper before bed for deep restorative sleep
(For 2oz bottles. For other sizes, see bottle suggestions.)

Hero's Blend™
Step into Your Purpose

Life calls for us to show up in heroic ways to serve our purpose and fulfill our goals. Hero's Blend is our grounding, attuning, centering, and protecting blend of Ashwagandha with six other synergistic herbs: Red-Belted Polypore Mushroom, Devil's Club, Yarrow, Japanese Knotweed, Passionflower, and Rose. Hero's Blend supports:

  • Mental and Physical Performance
  • Calm Energy and Focus
  • Healthy Immune Function
  • Heart-Centered Awareness
  • Creative Activity
  • Protection from External Forces

Suggested use:
1/4 dropper as needed for clarity and focus with renewed energy
(For 2oz bottles. For other sizes, see bottle suggestions.)

Other Sacred Herbs from our Farm:

Ashwagandha and Bacopa

Crystal Clear Mind

  • Supports Grounded Focus and Clarity
  • Healthy Memory Function
  • Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response
More Information


Raise your Voltage

  • Stress Support
  • Healthy Blood Sugar Support
  • Detoxification Support
More Information

Blue Vervain

Potentiate Synchronicity

  • Stress and Sleep Support
  • Respiratory Function
  • Healthy Kidney and Bladder Function
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Farmers Market Ambassador

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Operations Manager

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