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Portland Ashwagandha Farm's Mission
Portland Ashwagandha Farm exists to nourish, restore, and fortify our community members in both body and spirit. We do this by cultivating and processing Ashwagandha along with other nourishing and purifying herbs, sharing them and providing guidance on their optimal use. Our tinctures are made with fresh herbs from our farm with the intention to support those striving every day to lead life with dedication and purpose. Serving those who see a path forward in healing each other and our planet - this is why the medicine from our farm is created, to ground and strengthen, as well as support appropriate responses to the stresses of our times. These herbs are humbly offered so we all may continue our necessary work and each of us share our contributions with this world.

Official PAF Brand Kit
We encourage our affiliates to use official PAF logos, graphics, product photos, and colors. All can be found in the package below.

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What We Can and Can't Say
Unfortunately, the United State government does not allow people to claim that plants have the ability to cure or treat diseases. Because of this, we ask that affiliates be conscious and err to the side of using poetic language to capture more of the product's subtle energetics and experience, avoiding overt medical claims.. Please If you ever have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to our team anytime.
Our Spagyric Tinctures
Ashwagandha is the favorite plant of the Ayurvedic tradition. It is a grounding and centering herb that makes us feel confident, calm, and focused. We focus on this plant because these are the energies we wish to see in the world. Learn more about our products below.

Ashwagandha - Relax into Strength
Hero's Blend - Step into your Purpose
Hawthorn Blend - Root into your Heart
Ashwagandha-Bacopa - Crystal Clear Mind
Blue Vervain - Potentiate Synchronicity
Tulsi - Raise your Voltage
Nettle Root - Unleash Vitality

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