Testimonial: After One Year of Ashwagandha

Testimonial: After One Year of Ashwagandha

A report from Micah and Brooke -- February 2023 

My name is Micah and my wife and I Brooke started using the ashwagandha and Hero’s blend tinctures... We have been using the ashwagandha for about a year now and the hero’s blend recently.

I personally love both of these for different reasons. The ashwagandha helps me relax at night and destress from the day. I have severe anxiety and have been visiting a cardiologist for this for the past few months. Once I started incorporating the hero’s blend in the morning before work, I noticed a huge difference in my blood pressure and high heart rate. Before I started using it, my BPM would be around 130-150 at peak... This has helped me immensely and how great that it’s natural! 

My wife really enjoys the ashwagandha. She mentioned she used to drink alcohol every day after work due to her stressful job. Now she takes a dropper each night and doesn’t feel the need or urge to drink anymore when stress comes on or after a stressful day. The hero’s blend also helps keep her at bay during the day and at ease during the work hours as well as energized!

Overall we’re just so happy to have found these tinctures and the company. Just wanted to make sure you knew that because I wish I could’ve known about you guys sooner! Hopefully more people are able to learn and experience the benefits that we do. :)

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