How to Take Our Ashwagandha Spagyric Tincture

We get a lot of questions regarding how to take our Ashwagandha tincture. We’re here to answer your questions! 

(Check out the video below if you would rather listen to founder Jeff Johnson talk about it.)


Q: First of all, what is the proper method of consumption? 

A: We recommend putting it under your tongue for just a moment before swallowing. This is the the most effective method for rapid absorption into your system. If you don’t enjoy the taste, it’s ok to put it in a beverage, water, tea, smoothie, etc. just incorporate a little bit more than you would normally take under the tongue.


Q: How much should you take?

A: It varies from person to person, but we suggest starting with 1/3 to 1/4 dropper full 1-2 times per day for day time use. If you are using it before bed to promote restful sleep, start off with 1/2 dropper full, and if you feel like you need more try two 1/2 droppers. Be aware that if you're extra sensitive it is possible to take too much and have it over stimulate you, making it actually more difficult to sleep. If that is your case you may want to take even less than a half dropper. So start small, listen to your body, and increase as needed. 


Q: When should you take it? 

A: You can take it in the morning, throughout the day, and in the evening. If you are prone to anxiety, have a lot of stress in your life, we suggest daytime usage. If you want to sleep like an angel, or a baby, or even a baby angel, take some shortly before bed. If you have all of those things, take it in the morning and the evening! Some prefer to use our Hero’s Blend in the morning, as it can be more energizing and focusing.


Q: What if you're sensitive to alcohol?

A: Try putting it in hot tea or coffee (above170°f) in the morning, or in a small amount of hot water any time of day and the heat will quickly evaporate the alcohol. 


We’re here to answer any questions you might have, so please don’t hesitate to contact us on social media, or leave a comment here.

Have a strong and relaxed day!

Portland Ashwagandha Farm


  • Hello and thank you!
    I learned about Ashwagandha at a Permaculture meeting in Salem on March 15, 2019 and started using it that night.
    I decided to give its use a full 3 months before evaluating the results. It’s been a full 3 months, plus a few weeks now, and I am ready to testify to the remarkable healing qualities of this plant for me.

    About 8 years ago, after years of acupuncture, meditation, and over the counter pain medicine for chronic migraine and trigeminal neuralgia pain, I succumbed to the use of Gabapentin for pain relief. I knew it was not the best thing for my body but it was worth it to finally feel nearly complete pain relief.

    Enter Ashwagangha! After about a month and a half, using it twice daily at the recommended dose, I stopped taking Gabapentin all together ( from 1800 mg/day to zero ). There is still some trigeminal rumblings at times but they are insignificant and the migranes have not returned. Headaches still happen on occassion but I recently discovered that some of them were being caused by another medicine I was taking for Fibromyalgia (Low dose Naltrexone).

    I reported all this to my doc who was impressed at how easily I was able to stop Gabapentin, a drug people find extremely difficult to quit. He highly approves of Ashwagandha but did tell me to take it at night only so that the sleepy side effects don’t bother me in the daytime. And true enough…two doses of A at bedtime send me to dreamland without waking for 6+ hours.

    I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for making such a remarkable medicine available and accessible to all.

    May Ashwagandha and all of us keep on growing well,

  • I discovered both of your products on the kitchen counter at work. I’ve taken both for the last five days (mixed with my coffee) and I almost immediately began feeling the difference! Amazing! (And I’m a lardy accountant…) I can feel the efficacy first hand, and well, I’m sold.

    My question; can I find your product in shops in the mid-Willamette? (Corvallis/Eugene area)

  • The answer is a bit complicated. Some of the western literature advises against taking Ashwagandha while pregnant or breastfeeding; however in India’s tradition of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is recommended to pregnant and nursing mothers to grow a healthy and strong baby, and to assist the mother. That being said, as we are not licensed healthcare practitioners, we suggest speaking with your midwife or nurse/physician. We are happy to discuss Ashwagandha with your health provider, if you like, to answer any specific questions.

    Jeff Johnson
  • Same question as above, I would love to know if this is safe for breastfeeding moms!

  • Is this safe to take if you’re a breastfeeding mama?


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