Farm Update: May 2022🌿

Farm Update: May 2022🌿

The winds of change are certainly blowing on Planet Earth these days. Please know that the Portland Ashwagandha Farm team is with you in earth and spirit - we are all one community. This is not a time to escape, but rather a time to come together and be present! May we all strive for calm, focus, and remain constructively engaged with reality. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been up to!

Once again, we have seeded Ashwagandha (back in March) and continue to monitor overwintering plants from last year. Some of the plants were lost in the late cold snap we experienced in March. We cannot argue with mother nature, only negotiate! Nevertheless, we do what we do - seeded more Ashwagandha. Cautiously and optimistically awaiting for the regrowth of overwintered crop. 😊

The Yarrow and Passionflower are coming along, for an upcoming batch of Hero’s Blend! We work patiently and steward the energies of the plants preparing to capture the peak essences into tinctures to share with you and our communities. There are some seriously grounded and cosmic plant energies emerging into existence soon, please stay in touch and never hesitate to reach out. We always love hearing from you.

☀️🌱 Every seed we plant is a prayer for peace and healing 🌱☀️

With love and dedication,

Team PAF

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Great update. I’ll be putting an order in this week


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