Dosage + Intention: Aligning our spirits and goals with the energies of plants

Dosage + Intention: Aligning our spirits and goals with the energies of plants

A key piece of working with plants and their energy is dosage and intention. Through clear intentions and through accurate dosing we can find optimal results. The funny thing about plants is we can take a little bit and it does one thing - and when we take more it might do the exact opposite action. 

Every person has a different sensitivity and offset for their receptivity and response to the plant energies. We invite folks to be very clear in their intentions when taking in our tinctures and to pay attention to their own response to variations in dosing.

With Ashwagandha for example, a small dose (¼ dropper) is known to instantly melt away stress in the moment but supplies you with the energy to keep endurance throughout the day. This can be great for times of acute anxiety, to prepare for the workday, or to just find ease through the day. If we take more (½ dropper) it might prepare us to go to sleep. That being said, Ashwagandha doesn’t make you tired but a dose of this size will relax you into a state of accepting sleep.

However we advise cautious enthusiasm, as we have heard of folks needing deep sleep and taking more than the recommended dosing (2-3 full droppers.) They then find they are unable to sleep. Ashwagandha in larger doses can be more stimulating and support testosterone levels. While doses of this size might be recommended to recover from some physical imbalances, it may not necessarily contribute to that relaxing sensation many of us are seeking with Ashwagandha. If you have experienced deep restorative sleep with Ashwagandha, we recommend to continue with a similar dose and adjust by just a few drops at a time to experiment with changes to dosing.

We invite people to play around with dosing, explore your intentions, and align them for an optimal experience. Know that a Fresh Spagyric Tincture taken sublingually will also have different effects on the energy body than powdered or dried Ashwagandha as well, and dosing will be different. 

Please remember that taste, smell, and experience also play a huge role into relationship with these plants. Taste is where the experience begins and if adding to water we suggest allowing for the flavor to come through. May we honor our senses and develop a deeper knowing of the plants and ourselves. 

If you have any questions about dosing please always send us an email at or share about your experience playing with different dosing of our tinctures.

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Thanks for this valuable guidance, Jeff! Super-helpful!

Melanie Bondy

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